About ScoopGST

ScoopGST is an offline and online GST software from TechScooper intended to assist organizations with their GST consistence requirement. TechScooper's GST software is designed to be simple and user friendly - remembering the necessities of small and medium measured organizations in India. You should
use the ScoopGST Software to easily manage your stock and inventory, your supplier or customers billing and accounts, generate tax invoices
and easily file your GSTreturn with many more features. Consult with a TechScooper's Business Advisor to begin with ScoopGST
Software today.

Supplier & Customer management

The positive customer-supplier relationship begins with the initiative of the supplier to demonstrate his sensitivity to the customer’s needs.

Stock Inventory management

Inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.

Billing & Account management

ScoopGST provide functionality necessary to establish and modify a customer's billing account. This includes configuration of the account as well as management of account associations.

Inventory & Accounts Reports

ScoopGST provide report for your stocks and inventory and it also can generate invoices for your accounts transaction.

Manage your Inventory

Make your business grow with user friendly GST ready software.

  • Simplified Stock & Inventory
  • User friendly Billing and Accounts
  • Easy to generate Tax Invoice
  • 24x7 Customer Support
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User friendly Interface

Now manage your supplier and customer from your mobile phones.

  • Easy to use GST ready software
  • Mobile friendly Inventory
  • Manage your Accounts with a touch
  • It takes few minutes to setup
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Easy to Setup your Business

Take advantage of nations's most prominent business trend, and empowers your business with ScoopGST .

  • Professional tablet software with Stocks & Inventory
  • Easy to generate Stocks & Accounts Report
  • A better way to present your business with ScoopGST
  • 24x7 Online Customer Support
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A Perfect GST Ready Inventory, Accounting and Billing Software for your Business

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